Save the Earth
by buying it

BuyWorld is an idealistic foundation (NGO) that strives to keep the earth livable for flora, fauna and dependent humanity. The foundation wants to achieve this goal by collectively buying pieces of earth, giving the purchased parcels back to nature and protecting them collectively.

How does it work?

The purchase
BuyWorld has an option on a parcel and sells, on a non-profit basis, the parcel per square meter to stakeholders (buyers). In this way, land becomes affordable.
If before the expiry of the option time (the time that BuyWorld has the option to purchase the parcel) the entire parcel is sold, the buyers become the economic owner of their purchased part. Every buyer receives the undivided square meters that have been purchased. The parcel is permanently returned to nature.
If the whole parcel is not sold within the option time, the buyers will get their money back. As a buyer (and of course as the owner) you always maintain a claim on the foundation.
BuyWorld reserves the right to cancel a purchase if it appears that one and the same legal person has purchased too much of a parcel. This is because collective protection is jeopardized in this case. BuyWorld therefore prefers 3.000 buyers who buy 1m2 rather than 1 buyer who buys 3.000 m2.
The rules
In order to avoid exorbitant costs when purchasing a small piece of land the buyers become the economic owner and BuyWorld becomes the legal owner of the relevant parcel.
All costs are pro rated for the buyers (minimum per square meter, about €0.04 per year). All proceeds (including expropriation) are also pro rated for the buyers. This item (item 2) only takes effect if the entire parcel has been purchased.
All decisions regarding the parcel are made unanimously, the size of the property you own does not matter. BuyWorld (with the aim of a liveable earth for flora and fauna and dependent humanity) owns at least 1m2 of each parcel. If there is no general consensus, nothing will be decided. Although not a goal, no decision is a good decision for nature. At the right scale, nature is self-reliant if people do not interfere with it.
Once the parcel has been purchased, buyers are entitled to resell their share. The selling price will be the price of natural land. BuyWorld facilitates resale. In order to minimize the risk for the buyer, when offering to sell, the seller is immediately released from paying the costs (also receiving income, other than the sales value). The new buyer must conform to the rules stated here.

Note: as a buyer, you will not enrich yourself, you will enrich life on earth.

Why does it work?

Who decides what happens to a house, car, bicycle, a parcel? The owner. However, the owner of a parcel is not always legally strong in relation to the government (in the case of expropriation, a zoning plan for housing, for example). But what if there are 30,000 owners?

An owner can change his mind and use his property for other purposes than originally intended. But what if there are 30,000 owners who all have to make a unanimous decision? In that case, nature will be given free rein and life on our earth will have a chance again!

BuyWorld is a Dutch startup, but, as the name implies, it wants to operate outside national borders. This page and others will be further elaborated in English.

BuyWorld, the most effective way to protect life on Earth!